Code: 141043
Symbol: APOT
Address: Al-Shmaisani - Amman
Telephone: 5200520
P.O. Box: (1470) Amman 11118
Fax: 5681380
Date of registration at the Ministry of Industry and Trade: 07-07-1956
Listing Date: 01-01-1978
Main Objectives: Among the company's objectives is the extraction of chemical salts from the Dead Sea, and various industries. The activity of the company and its subsidiary companies is limited to the production of potash, potassium nitrate, chemical chemicals and other derivative products, and their sale in the international and local markets.
No. of Branches: Local 3 - Abroad 0
General Manager: Ma'en Al Nsour
No. of Employees Male Female Total
Jordanian 1689 58 1747
Non Jordanian 6 0 6
Total 1695 58 1753