Daily summary

Trading value for Thursday 16/09/2021 reached JD(4.9) million. (4.7) million shares were traded through (2,854).

The shares price index closed at (2076.69) point, an increase of (0.13%)

The shares of (100) companies were traded, the shares prices of (27) companies rose, and the shares prices of (32) declined.

At the sector level, the Industrial index decreased by 0.30%, the Financial index increased by 0.23%, and the Services index increased by 0.13%.

As for sub sector indices, the Electrical Industries, Food and Beverages, Educational Services, Utilities and Energy, Chemical Industries, Banks, Insurance, Transportation, Real Estate, Diversified Financial Services, Hotels and Tourism sectors increased by 1.56%, 0.90%, 0.51%, 0.41%, 0.33%, 0.25%, 0.20%, 0.20%, 0.13%, 0.04%, 0.02% respectively. While the Technology and Communication, Tobacco and Cigarettes, Commercial Services, Engineering and Construction, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries, Mining and Extraction Industries sectors decreased by 1.56%, 0.84%, 0.76%, 0.58%, 0.51%, 0.51% respectively.

The top five gainers were, the Amwaj Properties by (7.14%), Invest Bank by (5.84%), Dimensions:jordan And Emirates Commercial Investments Corporation by (4.90%), Comprehensive Leasing Company Plc by (4.83%), and Jordan Poultry Processing & Marketing by (4.74%).

The top five losers were, Arabia Insurance Company - Jordan by (6.35%), Nutri Dar by (4.76%), High Performance Real Estate Investments by (4.55%), International Brokerage & Financial Markets by (4.41%), and Sabaek Invest Company P.l.c by (4.29%).