RSS Feed

What is RSS Service:
RSS Is a free online service offered by the ASE, co-managed to get the latest stock market news in real time while their issuance, and without the need to visit the website.

Requirements to subscribe to the service:

In order to be able to receive the RSS feed, the device used to access the RSS feed must be equipped with RSS feed reader program (RSS Aggregator) to be able to view and read the Incoming Content by the service. There are a large number of RSS feed programs available in the market with different choices to use like desktop-based readers or web-based readers or mobile-based readers or e-mail-based readers, side built-in readers with popular internet web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari.

A suggested list of some RSS feed readers can be found through the following link:


How to subscribe to the service:
The table below shows the news subjects title provided by the ASE, next to each one of them in the corresponding definition, where you can subscribe to any of them by clicking on the title.


Title Definition
NEWS The latest ASE news
Circulars All circulars issued by the ASE
Financial disclosures for companies Annual, semi-annual and quarterly reports for companies listed on the ASE
General Assembly Disclosures General assembly meeting and decisions
All Disclosures All financial and non-financial disclosures for companies