Code: 131282
Symbol: DAIF
Address: AbduAllah Ghousheh street/ Alhusseini building number 53
Telephone: 06-5538450
P.O. Box: 4544 Tilaa ali 11953 -Jordan
Fax: 06-5521694
Date of registration at the Ministry of Industry and Trade: 20-04-2008
Listing Date: 05-04-2009
Main Objectives: 1)Making financing and investing decisions for customers 2) managing portfolio,investment funds, and financial and investment securities. 3) provide financial consulting , making feasibility studies and market research for any possible investment against fixed fee .4) investing company money surplus in the way it finds appropriate and for the company best interest
No. of Branches: Local 1 - Abroad 0
General Manager: Nabil Mazaq
No. of Employees Male Female Total
Jordanian 5 0 5
Non Jordanian 0 0 0
Total 5 0 5