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Assembly Decision-(MDGF)-2021-06-15 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 15/06/2021
Q.R.-(MDGF)-2021-06-09 MDGF Quarterly Report 09/06/2021
G.A-(MDGF)-2021-06-03 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 03/06/2021
Q.R.-(MDGF)-2021-05-18 MDGF Quarterly Report 18/05/2021
F.S-(MDGF)-2021-05-16 MDGF Annual Financial Report 16/05/2021
Disclosure-(MDGF)-2021-05-16 MDGF Miscellaneous Disclosures 16/05/2021
F.S-(MDGF)-2021-04-29 MDGF Annual Financial Report 29/04/2021
F.S-(MDGF)-2021-04-01 MDGF Annual Financial Report 01/04/2021
F.S-(MDGF)-2021-03-31 MDGF Annual Financial Report 31/03/2021
P.R-(MDGF)-2021-02-15 MDGF Preliminary Results 15/02/2021
Q.R.-(MDGF)-09-11-2020 MDGF Quarterly Report 09/11/2020
Q.R.-(MDGF)-28-10-2020 MDGF Quarterly Report 28/10/2020
Disclosure-(MDGF)-31-08-2020 MDGF Annual Financial Report 31/08/2020
SemiAnnual-(MDGF)-25-08-2020 MDGF Semiannual Financial Report 25/08/2020
SemiAnnual-(MDGF)-06-08-2020 MDGF Semiannual Financial Report 06/08/2020
Q.R.-(MDGF)-23-07-2020 MDGF Quarterly Report 23/07/2020
Assembly Decision-(MDGF)-15-07-2020 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 15/07/2020
Board Of Directors-(MDGF)-12-07-2020 MDGF Board of Directors & Ownership 12/07/2020
Assembly Decision-(MDGF)-06-07-2020 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 06/07/2020
G.A-(MDGF)-02-07-2020 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 02/07/2020
F.S-(MDGF)-21-06-2020 MDGF Annual Financial Report 21/06/2020
F.S-(MDGF)-15-06-2020 MDGF Annual Financial Report 15/06/2020
Disclosure-(MDGF)-10-05-2020 MDGF Miscellaneous Disclosures 10/05/2020
P.R-(MDGF)-16-02-2020 MDGF Preliminary Results 16/02/2020
Resignation-(AOIC)-08-12-2019 AOIC Companies Appointments & Resignations 08/12/2019
Q.R.-(MDGF)-30-10-2019 MDGF Quarterly Report 30/10/2019
Appointment-(MDGF)-24-10-2019 MDGF Companies Appointments & Resignations 24/10/2019
SemiAnnual-(MDGF)-19-08-2019 MDGF Semiannual Financial Report 19/08/2019
SemiAnnual-(MDGF)-31-07-2019 MDGF Semiannual Financial Report 31/07/2019
Assembly Decision-(MDGF)-30-07-2019 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 30/07/2019
G.A-(MDGF)-11-07-2019 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 11/07/2019
Disclosure-(MDGF)-27-06-2019 MDGF Annual Financial Report 27/06/2019
F.S-(MDGF)-28-05-2019 MDGF Annual Financial Report 28/05/2019
Q.R.-(MDGF)-14-05-2019 MDGF Quarterly Report 14/05/2019
Q.R.-(MDGF)-13-05-2019 MDGF Quarterly Report 13/05/2019
Q.R.-(MDGF)-08-05-2019 MDGF Quarterly Report 08/05/2019
F.S-(MDGF)-31-03-2019 MDGF Annual Financial Report 31/03/2019
P.R-(MDGF)-13-02-2019 MDGF Preliminary Results 13/02/2019
Q.R.-(MDGF)-01-11-2018 MDGF Quarterly Report 01/11/2018
SemiAnnual-(MDGF)-14-08-2018 MDGF Semiannual Financial Report 14/08/2018
SemiAnnual-UNREVIEWED-(MDGF)-08-08-2018 MDGF Semiannual Financial Report 08/08/2018
SemiAnnual-UNREVIEWED-(MDGF)-06-08-2018 MDGF Semiannual Financial Report 06/08/2018
Disclosure-(MDGF)-25-06-2018 MDGF Annual Financial Report 25/06/2018
Assembly Decision-(MDGF)-24-06-2018 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 24/06/2018
Appointment-(MDGF)-13-06-2018 MDGF Companies Appointments & Resignations 13/06/2018
Appointment-(MDGF)-10-06-2018 MDGF Companies Appointments & Resignations 10/06/2018
G.A-(MDGF)-20-05-2018 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 20/05/2018
G.A-(MDGF)-20-05-2018 MDGF General Assembly Meetings & Decisions 20/05/2018
Q.R.-(MDGF)-30-04-2018 MDGF Quarterly Report 30/04/2018
F.S-(MDGF)-29-03-2018 MDGF Annual Financial Report 29/03/2018