Listing of Corporate Bonds Issued by Public Shareholding Companies

Name of service

Listing of Corporate Bonds Issued by Public Shareholding Companies



Recipients of Service

Public Shareholding Companies

Available Forms to Perform Service

Listing corporate bonds form

Service Description

Listing the corporate bonds issued by public shareholding companies at the ASE, The listing application which submitted by the company shall be reviewed to make sure that it fulfills all the conditions and requirements specified in the Directives, then the corporate bonds are listed according to particular procedures.

Requirements and Conditions of Service

Conditions mentioned in Articles (6),(19) and (24) of Listing Securities Directives, in addition to the following conditions:

  1. The relevant securities are registered with the JSC.
  2. The relevant securities are deposited with the SDC.
  3. There are no restrictions on the transfer of ownership of relevant securities except restrictions mentioned in legislation in force.
  4. The issuer has signed the listing agreement with the ASE, which determines the rights and obligations of the two parties in relation to listing of the securities.
  5. A quittance certificate issued by Administration and Financial Department at the ASE

Required Documents

An application submitted by the company, attached with the documents identified in Article (19) of Listing Securities Directives.

Steps and procedures for implementing the service

  1. Reviewing the listing application to make sure that it contains all required information.
  2. Completing all the necessary procedures at the JSC and SDC.
  3. The company shall announce in two daily newspapers all the information identified in Article (6) of Listing Securities Directives.
  4. Determining a day for listing the corporate bonds.

Service Fees

(0.0001) of the nominal value of the bonds, where the collected fee should not exceed JD (1,000) per annum.

Approximate Time for Completing the Service

Three working days after completing all necessary procedures

Contact Details

Listing and Operations Dept. / The ASE