Increasing Capital by private placement

Name of service

Increasing Capital by private placement



Recipients of Service

Listed Public Shareholding Companies

Available Forms to Perform Service

Capital increase application form

Service Description

Increasing the capital of a listed company through its shareholders. The application which submitted by the company shall be reviewed to make sure that it fulfills all the conditions and requirements, then the capital of the company is increased according to particular procedures.

Requirements and Conditions of Service

  • Conditions mentioned in Article (12) of Listing Securities Directives.
  • Completing all the necessary procedures at the JSC and the SDC
  • A quittance certificate issued by the Administration and Financial Dept. at the ASE

Required Documents

The application of capital increase, including the following:

  1. The company's articles of association, memorandum of association after the amendment

  2.  Names of the shareholders who own (5%) or more of the company's shares.

  3. The names of the members of the Board of Directors, and the names and positions of the top executive management, and the securities owned by any of them or their relatives.

  4. The Prospectus, if the offering was for more than 30 shareholders.

  5. Issuance coverage results

Steps and procedures for implementing the service

The JSC approval on capital increase through private placement.

Subscription Rights shall be listed and de-listed according to the provisions of the Instructions of Dealing with Subscription Rights in force.

Completing the capital increase procedures at the JSC and the SDC

Reviewing the application to make sure that it contains all required information

Determining a day to list the capital-increase shares

Service Fees

(0.0004) of the company’s capital-increase shares, where the collected fees plus annual listing fees should not exceed JD 3000 per annum.

Approximate Time for Completing the Service

Two working days after completing all necessary proceduress

Contact Details

Listing and Operations Dept. / The ASE