Listing of Corporate Bonds Application



Listing Department


Form number () - Corporate Bonds Listing


: Required Documents


  1. The company's articles of association, memorandum of association, and prospectus (if any).
  2. A report issued by the company's board of directors that includes the following:
  1. A brief profile of the company's establishment, its major objectives and its relationships with other companies, be its mother, subsidiary, sister or affiliate companies (if any).
  2. A description of the securities issued by the company and those that the company wishes to list.
  3. The company's board of directors' evaluation supported with figures of the company's performance, the stage it arrived at, the achievements it realized and a comparison of the same with the set plan.
  4. The significant events occurred to or affected the company from the date of its establishment till the date of the submission of the listing application.
  5. The company's future plan for the next three years including financial position statement, income statement and cash flow statement..
  6. If the corporate bonds are convertible into shares, the company must provide the ASE by the Names of the persons who own (5%) or more of the company's shares.
  7. Names of the members of the company's board of directors, and names and positions of the top executive personal, and the securities owned by any of them or their relatives, and the membership of any of them in the boards of directors of other companies
  1. Names of the persons who own the issued bonds and the number of bonds owned by any of them and the ratio owned by non-Jordanians.
  2. The company’s certificate of registration at The Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  3. The company's annual report for the last fiscal year, which includes the company's board of directors' report, the company's financial statements and the company auditors' report.
  4. The interim financial statements reviewed by the company's auditor, which covers the period from the end of the fiscal year preceding the date of submission of the listing application till the end of the last quarter preceding the date of the listing application (if any).
  5. The long and short name of the issuance in Arabic and in English.


Endorsement and Undertaking:

  • The company that submitted the application admits on its responsibility that all information attached with this application is correct, and the ASE has the right to take all necessary procedures in accordance with the legislation in force, if otherwise.
  • The company commits to inform the ASE of any changes in the information contained in the application upon its occurrence.


Name of Authorized Signatory:


Signature and Company’s stamp:




  1. Company must submit a cover letter to list the corporate bond at the ASE.
  2. For more information, kindly contact Listing Department at the ASE.
  3. This application contains (4) pages.