Modifying the Short Name of the General Index

The ASE will, as of 01/04/2023, make an amendment to the free float weighted general index so that it includes all companies that meet the requirements for selecting the sample without limiting the sample to one hundred companies, and this will be accompanied by the amendment of the symbol of this index on the electronic trading system, website, applications, and ASE bulletins to become ASEGI, and it is the abbreviation for the Amman Stock Exchange General Index name.

It is worth noting that the sample of the free float-weighted general index considers the most active listed companies, in terms of the number of trading days, and the highest value in terms of market capitalization. The ASE will exclude the listed companies from the sample whose trading days do not exceed 33.33% of the total trading days in each quarter, and companies whose market capitalization is less than 1% of the total market capitalization of listed companies on the ASE.