Memorandum of understanding and cooperation between Amman Stock Exchange and Middle East University


The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) and the Middle East University have signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation (MOU) aimed at increasing the level of cooperation and coordination to ensure effective communication and achieve common goals between the two parties. The agreement was signed by Mr. Mazen Wathaifi, the CEO of the ASE, and Prof. Dr. Salam Mahadin, president of the University, in the presence of Mr. Amjad Al-Qudah, director of the communication and media department at the ASE, Prof. Dr. Hisham Abu Saymeh, the Dean of the Faculty of Business., Dr. Ayman Al-Khazaleh, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Othman, the Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Business; Dr. Ahmed Meri, the Head of the Finance and Accounting Department; Dr. Asmaa Al-Amarneh, a faculty member.

The MOU involved the exchange of experiences and information, the dissemination of awareness and the culture of investment in securities and work to provide joint projects that serve both parties. It also included the exchange of field visits, laboratory, technical and logistical services, and cooperation with the Deanship of innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship at the university to consolidate the culture of innovation and develop technology transfer and entrepreneurial ideas. In addition to the possibility of including an educational material related to securities and trading within the course of the College of business, in addition to the establishing a trading simulation room at the University in order to train university students on the trading systems and rules of trading applied at the ASE and how to use trading screens.

The CEO of ASE said that signing of this memorandum comes within the framework of the ASE's policy, its social responsibility and its keenness to deepen its relationship with national universities due to the importance of this relationship between the two parties, and its endeavor to enhance knowledge and culture in everything related to the national capital market and investment in securities among segments of society, in particular among students of related specialties in universities in order to increase the efficiency of university students, improve their career opportunities, link the academic side with the professional and practical side and enhance the outcomes of university education.

The president of the University, professor Dr. Salam Mahadin, said that the conclusing of the agreement with the ASE comes as a continuation of the University's plans aimed at preparing students to become competent financial practitioners, which will provide business students of the College with the opportunity to specialize in a specific field of financial practice, which will enhance their expertise, and open the doors for them to satisfactory and influential career paths. Dr. Mahadin added that according to the memorandum, a simulation room for trading will be established, which in turn will contribute to keeping pace with modern digital technologies in the education and training of students.