Meeting with the Government's economic team

On Saturday, June22, 2019, the Government's economic team headed by HE Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz, met  with representatives of the capital market institutions. Where the Chairman of the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) H.E. Mr. Mohammed Al- Hourani shed the light on the most important issues and challenges facing the market institutions, while the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Dr. Kamal Al Qudah and the Commissioner of the JSC Mr. Mazen Wthaifi ( currently the CEO of the ASE) presented a presentation.

As Dr. Qudah clarified the most important performance ASE  indicators for during the recent years, and explained the reasons for the drop in the market, its situation and focused on the need to unify the efforts to increase its attractiveness, its liquidity and the number of local and foreign investors.

On the other hand, Mr. Wthaifi presented the most outstanding achievements of the market institutions so far besides the suggestions and recommendations that can improve the performance and raise its competitiveness.

The economic team emphasized on the importance of the market role, upon that, the Prime Minister called for putting practical steps based on a clear timeline for the inclusion of the financial market among the priorities of the government's agenda during the upcoming period, thus contributing to overcome the challenges it faces, promote investment opportunities in the market and take the necessary steps in this regard.