Amman Stock Exchange in Collaboration with Sustainable Exchange Initiative SSE Participates in a Training Program about Gender Equality in Capital Markets

The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), in collaboration with the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE) and UN Women, participated in an online training program about Gender Equality in Capital Markets, which was held on 11-13/03/2024 in the presence of representatives from listed companies at ASE.

The importance of this training program on gender equality lies in its being one of the17 UN Sustainable Development Goals UNSDGs (Goal No. 5), and it is one of the goals that capital markets are interested in, and since it is disclosed in the sustainability reports issued annually by the ASE20 companies.

This training aims to build basic understanding of the meaning of gender equality, and identifying global principles, local requirements and peer practices that can guide participants as they set out on their journey to enhance gender equality, in addition to build awareness of sustainable finance through understanding the financial impacts of gender inequality, improving corporate reporting, and identifying the market opportunities provided by these improvements.

The ASE participated in this training program, represented by Director of Planning and Institutional Development Department Dr. Rasha Dayyat, in which she presented the most important points related to gender equality at the ASE, noting that the percentage of female employees in the ASE reached 43% at the end of 2023, then 42% of the total supervisory positions in the ASE. The ASE has been hosting Ring the Bell initiative since 2016 in a row, to enhance awareness of the role and opportunities that the private sector can play in promoting gender equality, in addition to participating in the WFE’s Women Leadership list, and signing on the women empowerment’s principles (WEPs).