The ASE participates in the first international scientific conference organized by Al Hussein bin Talal University


The Amman Stock Exchange(ASE) participated in the first international scientific conference held by Al Hussein bin Talal University, and organized by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics of the University and in partnership with the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority and the Jordan Indian Fertilizer Industry Company (JIFCO) entitled " Financial Environment and Sustainable Business in the Coronavirus Pandemic", with the participation of a number of researchers from various countries around the world who presented research papers on several topics related to the reality of money and businesses after the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic at the level of Jordan, the region and the world, as well as the presence of businessmen, directors of security agencies and directors of government departments and public institutions.

The conference was inaugurated by the President of Al Hussein bin Talal University, Professor Atef Al Kharbisha, noting in the speech opening the importance of holding such scientific conferences to exchange research expertise and knowledge, as well as the importance of addressing the crises imposed by the coronavirus pandemic and its profound repercussions on the global economy, and the economies of the countries of the region and their financial stability. the President of the Conference, Dr. Suleiman Al-Sabowa, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, said in his speech that the aim of the conference is to study the realities of finance and business at all levels by using scientific research to achieve economic growth so that the conference becomes a link between academics and entrepreneurs in various economic fields.

THE CEO of the ASE said is his speech that the ASE is working hard to keep pace with the latest developments in the technical field and to continue updating the technical infrastructure in the ASE in line with the ASE’s strategic plans for the years (2018-2020) and (2021-2023) to develop the technical environment at the ASE as one of the most important approved initiatives, as it was Working on developing the electronic services and systems provided by the Stock Exchange and modernizing the infrastructure, the most important of which is the launch of an electronic disclosure system using XBRL language, which is a standard language recognized globally, which reduces time and effort, enhances transparency and increases market efficiency.

The Stock Exchange also launched the Optiq electronic trading system in March of the year 2021 prepared by the international company Euronext, and applied in the largest European stock exchanges and winner of the award for the best trading system for the year 2020 that is characterized by speed and efficiency in receiving and processing buy and sale orders and provides the possibility of trading through modern technologies.

Wathaifi indicated that the ASE provides its members (the brokerage firms) the possibility of an online trading service for their clients by enabling them to feed the solutions they use with direct trading data and their connection to the electronic trading system in the ASE. It also provides a smart phone application service that enables interested and investors to follow the trading session, news and disclosures. ASE launched its own accounts on social media channels, in addition to many projects related to the development of the technical infrastructure.

At the end of the meeting, the participants' questions and inquiries were answered and the speakers and supporters of the Conference were honored.