Code: 141103
Symbol: NAPT
Address: Amman - Za'al Abu Tayeh Str.
Telephone: 5548888
P.O. Box: (3503) Amman 11821
Fax: 5536913
Date of registration at the Ministry of Industry and Trade: 21-06-1995
Listing Date: 01-08-1999
Main Objectives: Establishing and managing all the activities related to oil and gas industry and establishing any chemical or petrochemical plants related to oil and gas industry, and performing drilling activities, workshops, testing and other supporting services for drilling activities
No. of Branches: Local 0 - Abroad 0
General Manager: Mohammed Ismaiel
No. of Employees Male Female Total
Jordanian 170 12 182
Non Jordanian 1 0 1
Total 171 12 183