Code: 131203
Symbol: CEGE
Address: Amman-Khelda / Al Khaliden neighborhood /Al Hakam Ben Amer St.
Telephone: 5340008
P.O. Box: (2564) Amman 11953
Fax: 5340800
Date of registration at the Ministry of Industry and Trade: 12-02-1998
Listing Date:
Main Objectives: Generating electric power in different regions of the Kingdom through using any source of preliminary, new, and renewable energy. Selling the generated electricity to National Electric Power Co. or any legally competent company or body in accordance with effective laws and rules of the kingdom. Establishing of electric power generating station.
No. of Branches: Local 0 - Abroad 0
General Manager: Mowafaq Alawneh
No. of Employees Male Female Total
Jordanian 947 40 987
Non Jordanian 1 0 1
Total 948 40 988