Answer the inquiries received from the courts and relevant official parties

Name of service

Answer the inquiries received from the courts and specialized official parties


Legal affairs

Recipients of Service

Courts and relevant official parties

Available Forms

Not available 

Service Description

Answer the inquiries received to the ASE from courts and relevant official parties

Requirements and Conditions of Service

Receiving letter from the party prepared. accordance with the accepted requirements

Required Documents

Letter to the ASE from the court or any official party prepared.accordance with the accepted requirements .

Service Steps and procedures

A- Examination the inquiry after receiving the letter from the party prepared accordance with the accepted requirements.

B- Communicate with the relevant department if the answer is attached/ with one of the ASE departments,.

C- After preparing the answer of the inquiry, the party addressing to provide it with the letter and its attachments.

Service Fees

N/A – Not applicable

Approximate Time for Completing the Service

Not more than three days from the date the require is received.

Contact Details

  • Legal department/ Amman Stock Exchange
  • Tel 0096265664109
    • Ext. 1111/1112/1113/1114