Trading Data Dissemination via T.V channels

Name of service

Trading Data Dissemination via T.V channels


Data Disseminations

Recipients of Service

T.V channels

Available Forms to Perform Service

Data Disseminations Agreement

Service Description

Displaying securities’ prices on the T.V channels

Requirements and Conditions of Service

  • Determine the mechanism of displaying the trading information on the T.V channel.
  • Not to use the information for any other commercial purposes, except with the prior consent of ASE.
  • Commitment to the provisions of the relevant agreement- if any

Required Documents

A letter of request from the company to display the trading information.

Steps and procedures for implementing the service

  • Review the request, the channel and its content, and submit the request to the management to take the appropriate decision
  • Sign the relevant data distribution agreement - whenever it seems necessary- or issue an approval letter for the channel to get the required information via any certified data vendors.

Service Fees

No Fees

Approximate Time for Completing the Service

After completing all the necessary procedures

Contact Details

  • Listing and Operations Departments
  • Tel: 0096265664109
    • Ext. 1303/1304/1305/1307/1310
  • Email address