Launching the Initiative of Gender Equality in Jordan in the celebration of International Women's Day

On the Ninth of March 2016 Amman Stock Exchange(ASE),  hosted  the 2nd  Annual Celebration of the Gender Equality Initiative in Jordan "2016 Ringing Bell for Gender Equality Stock Exchange Initiative"  which was organized by the ASE  in cooperation  with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), throughout ringing  the bell of starting  the trading session at the ASE on celebration of Women's International Day in the presence of the CEO of the ASE Mr. Nader Azar,  H.E Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al Hourani, the  Chairman of Jordan  Securities Commission(JSC), Dr. Fadi Khalaf the General  Secretary of  Arab Federation of Exchanges(AFE), and Dr. Yahya al-Husseini - Corporate Governance Officer - International Finance Corporation in Jordan (IFC),  Mr. Giuseppe Balseto Representative , UN women countryOffice for Jordan and  H.E Mr. Reem Badran, the Chairwoman of Alhura Company for Management & Business Development, Ms. Taghreed Al-Nafisi, the President and CEO of Al-Multaqaa Brokerage and Investment Company, and Ms. Oraib Qabbaj, Chief Operations Officer, Jordan Institute of Directors (JIOD), and a number of public figures, brokerage firms , and representatives of the capital market institutions.



Mr. Azar declared that hosting this celebration comes in the belief of raising awareness in gender equality in the field of sustainable development and economic activity. This celebration also aims at raising awareness of the importance of promoting gender equality in the private sector as well as encouraging business leaders around the world to make serious steps to empower women in the work place and society

Mr. Azar also stressed on the ASE interest in empowering women in carrying a leading duties in the Jordanian capital market, where the ASE believes of the important role of women in promoting economic activity and participation in labor market and in its ability to development and creativity. Accordingly, the percentage of women's contribution in the human force in the ASE has risen from 15% since establishing the ASE in 1999 reaching more than 48% as of today.  Also, women hold more than 28% of the leadership positions in the executive management of the ASE

During the ceremony, the participants gave speeches about the importance of empowering women in participation in economic activities, in addition to view report prepared by IFC on the impact of Gender Diversity   on the Economic Performance of Companies in Jordan. Where the result showed that  the listed companies characterized by the  women representation on its  board have achieved better financial results  than those that did not have,  where  the celebrants rang the bell on  the beginning of the trading session to celebrate International Women's Day and as a  recognition in its active  contribution in all economic, social and political aspects.

It is worth mentioning, that this initiative is an important international event adopted by a group of global parties in the field of financial markets, namely:

UN Global Compact, UN women, Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, World Federation of Exchanges و Women in ETFs, and  it is launch in various countries around the world to celebrate International Women's Day.