Article (10)

A. Subject to qualifications required by the ASE and/or the JSC, the Broker, as it deems appropriate, may require qualifications in the client who use the ITS.

B. The Broker shall take all necessary procedures to verify the identity of the client who requests opening an Internet trading account and shall retain copies of all documents used to verify the identity of the client.

C. No Broker shall offer the ITS before signing a contract with its client consistent with the contract draft, which includes particularly;

1. A Risk Disclosure Statement, and acknowledgment that the client has received and read the statement.

2. A Statement of Fees to be charged by the Broker for offering the ITS

3. A detailed statement of both the Broker's and the client's rights and obligations.

4. Emphasis on the client responsibility to maintain his username and password.

5. The client approval to receive the documents and correspondences electronically.

6. Emphasis that the client understands the nature of the risks that may occur to his investments in securities as a result of Internet trading, particularly those arising from the possible delay in the arrival of orders sent to the ETS.

7. Emphasis that the client bears responsibility for his mistakes during orders entry, modification or cancelation.

8. A provision confirming the client's commitment to the Securities Law provisions, regulations, directives, and decisions issued pursuant thereto, and his full liability for the violations committed by him.

9. Technical support and the necessary technical assistance provided by the Broker to its clients.

D. No Broker may shift legal responsibility to any client for losses arising from third party misuse of, or technical failures in, the Broker's program authentication or security mechanisms.