Capital Reduction Application

Listing and Operation Department


Form number (6) – Capital Reduction


The Company’s name ……………..


Required Documents:

1. The company's articles of association, memorandum of association after amendment

2. The Approval of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on capital reduction.

3. Names of theshareholders who own (5%) or more of the company's shares.

4. The names of the members of the Board of Directors, and names and positions of the top executive management, and the securities owned by any of them or their relatives.

5. A copy of the Minutes of the Company's General Assembly meeting regarding the company’s capital decreasing process.

6. Equation of shares allocation after completing capital reduction process.

7. The reason of the capital decrease.

8. financial statements after decreasing

9. A quittance certificate issued by the Administration and Financial Dept. at the ASE.


Endorsement and Undertaking:

The company that submitted the application admits on its responsibility that all information attached with this application is correct, and the ASE has the right to take all necessary procedures in accordance with the legislation in force, if otherwise.


- The company undertakes to inform the ASE of any changes in the information contained in the application upon its occurrence.


Name of Authorized Signatory:




Signature and company’s stamp:





1. The Company must submit a cover letter to resume trading on its shares.

2. For more information, kindly contact Listing and Operations Department at the ASE

3. This application contains (2) pages